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Marine Fire Fighting Systems

  • Inspection, refill and hydrostatic test of all types of extinguishers
  • Comprehensive Inspection of fixed extinguishing systems of CO2, foam,    powder, water mist and other types of fixed extinguishing systems.
  • Inspection and maintenance of fire detection systems, alarm consoles, sprinklers, etc.
  • Inspection, refill and hydrostatic test of breathing apparatus, EEBD  and medical oxygen cylinders.
  • Inspection of life jackets.
  • Inspection of immersion suit and survival suits.
  • Inspection and hydrostatic test of fire hoses.
  • Inspection and maintenance of pilot ladders and embarkation ladders.
  • Supply of all materials related to marine safety. 
To carry out the jobs mentioned above, we are accredited by classifying bodies such as Germanischer Lloyds, Det Norske Veritas,  Bureau Veritas, Lloyds Register and American Bureau.
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